About us


For us, DnB is not just a music, it´s a lifestyle – that’s why we have decided to merge music, culture and clothing into one product. We proud ourselves in being different, and we want everybody to know that this culture is our passion. If it’s liquid, neuro, or hardcore, we love every and each sub genre of this music style. This variety gives us freedom, which mirrors itself in our clothing. Another important part of our work is project called DNB LOVE – clothing dedicated not only to women.


The idea to create a one of a kind brand came from the founder and long-time members of Slovak DnB scene – Kato, Dykman and Wyrus. These gentlemen shared a vision, which is finally coming true thanks to their friendship. DJ KATO is the founding member of TRIDENT crew. For more than 20 years, he has been visible on the scene either as DJ or as promoter. DNB has become inseparable part of his life, which also applies to DYKMAN. You may have heard this name at the crazy parties organised by CODERED CREW, which he is a member of. The youngest member, WYRUS, is bringing many noticeable pieces of work together with DYKMAN thanks to their lifelong friendship and shared love for the music. Combine this with their passion for the matter and you get something special.


Our top priority is customer satisfaction and that’s why we always do our best to bring the top quality product. What we really focus on are the details, because that’s what makes our work stand out from the crowd. We prefer minimalism and elaborated graphics, which is one of the reasons why we work with passionate designers who do not take their work for granted. Naturally, we use high quality fabrics – only grade A cotton. Every single piece is made with love, and that’s why we have decided to produce only limited editions, so we can maintain uniqueness, which perfectly represents the DnB scene. Become a member of our DnB family. Help us create a legacy.


Because we love DRUM AND BASS, and we want everyone to know about it!
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