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Korsakov was founded in 2015 and quickly grew into one of the biggest indoor drum & bass events on the planet in just 2 years. Their events, lineups and fanbase keep getting explosively bigger every time they put on a show and they have quickly become one of the world's leading drum & bass brands. They have decided to partner with us for all their merchandise!

Korsakov Music is a record label founded in 2018 that releases primarily dancefloor dnb with major influences from neurofunk, halftime and techstep. Korsakov Music really wants to be a proper standalone label and not just an extension of their events. Their first ever release hosted names such as Feint, High Maintenance, Maztek, Droptek (who signed exclusively), Levela, Jade & Mindscape and many more. They've since released music by DC Breaks, Smooth, Teddy Killerz, Gydra, Raiser, Dub Elements, AKOV and many, many more.

Their brand is growing fast and most of us already know their work. So, there is no need to write a lengthy text about this topic.. ..They always think about their fans, so here is a small compilation of a few of their coolest tracks with their characteristic sound.

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