FRESH MUSIC WE TRUST IN - Interview with Rohaan

Fresh young blood from Manchester bringing breath-taking sound not only to his UK fans. With preparing a huge worldwide tour, travelling around the globe, writing and releasing music, but still has time to have his haircut done to stay on top of everything. Read more about this fast-growing talent below.

1. It’s pleasure to do a little chat for DNBwear with you, particularly! So tell us what is the history of Rohaan? Why did you dive into music?

Hey cheers for having me! I love the clothing brand. To cut a 7-year story short, I used to be in the RAF cadets in York UK for two years. 

Then after going to see my first live show (Skrillex and Flux Pavillion) at the age of 16 I decided to quit Air Cadets the day after and promised myself I would pursue music and one day release on Flux Pavilions record label. Four years later I released my music on his record label 'Circus Record'!

Since then I have crafted my own path and sound in the DnB scene, playing shows in Berlin supporting Alix Perez and Eprom, releasing music on Drum&BassArena and Mat Zo’s record label ' MAD ZOO'.

It’s been such a crazy year, support from the Noisia boys and a ton of industry heavyweights!

2. If you could pick one track that you released, which one is the most favourite one and why?

My favorite tune is 'Dwidala' with Yunis. I fly out to his place in Berlin quite a lot. We made it in his studio, we instantly knew it was something fresh. We had never heard a drop like that before, especially in the DnB scene! Be sure to check it out! Noisia have supported it a ton!

3. Let’s talk about your performing name which I believe is your real name. Why did you decide to use the same name? Is there any reason behind? We’re all very curious to hear!

Hahaha, yeah it's my real birth name. I used to call my artist name 'Brisk' but then I decided it would be cooler to have my real name on the festival posters. So I changed it up.

4. How many pizzas do you normally eat per week?

I don’t really eat that many pizzas hahaha, maybe 1 or 2 a month!

5. What’s your plan for 2020/2021? Any goals are going to be achieved?

Yeah great question! Well i actually had a tour ready for 2020 but we have postponed it for 2021 now! So any promoters in EU / Asia and Aus be sure to hit me up. We have a huge tour in the making. Really excited to play out my stuff to a bunch of new and great cultures!

6. How often do you visit your hairdresser/ barber?

hahaha before lockdown i was getting it cut every two weeks to keep it on point.

7. What countries have you visited via music and which ones are on your ‘to go’ list?

I have visited a ton of places in Europe to play shows, Club Gretchen in Berlin being my favorite. Amazing people and great vibes! New Zealand and North America are BIG on my to-do list. Really excited to play there one day soon!

8. I will leave this space for you to thank or mention anyone/anything you would like to.

I would love to give a shout out to my Mum as always for being super supportive, Mat zo for giving me a great platform on his record label to push my sound. Also Yunis and Tek Genesis for featuring on my debut LP 'Bleach'

And thank you to YOU for reading this interview! :)

  • Designer: Pad.Mc
  • Photography: MelcPics
  • Interview writen by: Fedi Minikin
  • Video mady by: LUPIC.
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