Linking with Killer Hertz + Full 4k video from Beats for Love!

We met the Killer Hertz the other day at Beats for Love festival. And they realy liked our clothes.. :P Check out the full video from the main stage and read the quick interview with them. It was amazing!

Don´t wanna say too much in advance, but you can look forward to see some colab we working on. Stay tuned so you don´t miss it.. Big up and thanks to guys from Killer Hertz - ONE LOVE.

Hey guys! How are you doing? How’s the summer?

Hey! Thanks for having us, we are doing wonderful! Summer has been amazing so far, we are writing a lot of new music so that is always a good thing!

How did you enjoy the Czech and Ostrava?

We loved it! We came to Ostrava a day early to check out the festival and do all our visual checks, so we truly enjoyed the city and its people. Everyone was so kind to us!

You played on the main stage at B4L, what would you big up about the festival?

As it was our second ever live show we did not expect it to be so packed. The people came to check us out, raved and cheered so much. 

I believe we are all still on a high. We love it when people are keen to check out new acts and be amazed, and we think we did a good job on that last part ;)

How did you get together as a band?

That’s a good one! We (Phill, Morris and Peter) come from Brighton in the UK. We have known each other for many years now. We worked together on several projects before Killer Hertz, and as we all come from a highly musical background we naturally started working on music together.

We wanted to bring a more melodic feel back to the dancefloor, but still keeping in the heavy basslines. Doing it as a live band was a dream for all of us, so we came to the conclusion that we have to develop a live act, including Multiplex MC as a front man and Henque visuals, who is working together with Jordy from MindMap Events for the show design.

We think it is key to deliver a complete package. Including visuals and show elements to make the experience a true masterpiece!

Give us some funny story from stage it happened to you..

We can’t tell you too much but 3 of us almost had to sleep outside because we lost our room keys to the hotel at the backstage afterparty in Ostrava ;)

What’s your favourite pizza?

Pizza is like a festival: even when it is bad, it’s still pretty good haha!

What’s your favourite clothing brand? :p

We have to say dnbwear. We even wore it onstage at our gig in Ostrava!

Are you cooking something new we can look forward to?

We just Released our new track with Raphaella called “More”. We might make a cheeky harder club edit haha!

When do you coming back to Czech or Slovakia? As a project or separately..

We hope to be back soon. Ask your local promotors to book us!

Do you have some last words for our fans?

We loved your support at our set, and also online! We read every message you guys send us and we try to respond! We hope to meet you all soon at one of our gigs!

  • Text: Mila
  • Photos & Video: Beats for Love
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